Tynong Quarry

Environment Improvement Plan

Fisher & Fisher has undertaken the preparation of an environment improvement plan as part of Rinker Australia (Readymix)’s Tynong Qaurry wastewater discharge license conditions renewal.

Due to the recent Environment Management Plan on the Western Port Bay, the EPA has introduced State Environment Protection Policies to all waterways with the Western Port catchment, as such has increased the water quality discharge criteria for all waterways. The license renewal required an Environment Improvement Plan for Readymix’s Tynong Quarry to meet this criteria.

The EIP includes the following operation and operating environment; site management arrangements; environmental impacts and risks; waste minimisation; environmental objectives; operating conditions; complaint response; contingency arrangement; assessment and monitoring; review, reporting and updating; auditing the EIP; community involvement; and  EIP endorsement.

A state of the art monitoring weir was installed at the Tynong Quarry to measure discharge volume and Fisher and Fisher supplied the client with a complete breakdown of flow data annually as well as analysis and detailed water quality reporting.