Lady Annie Mine Water Reticulation Pipeline Project

Mt Isa – Copper Co

Copper Co requested Fisher & Fisher to prepare a design and construction documentation for the 50 km and 17 km water supply pipelines and in series pump stations servicing the Lady Annie Copper Co Mine.

Copper Co were running low on their water supply for the mine’s copper processing system.  Groundwater bores were installed to tap a groundwater resources some 50km and 17km away from the storage dam.  Fisher & Fisher undertook hydraulic sizing of the HDPE pressure pipe system for 40l/s and 25 l/s.  As there was a limitation on pipe size availability, the design opted for multiple pump stations.  Transient modelling was undertaken to ensure pump shutdowns and start ups had minimal affect on the pipeline.

Fisher & Fisher sized the pipeline with differing pressure classes between the pump stations which resulted in huge savings for Copper Co.  Fisher & Fisher also provided construction advice.