Bolton Park - Box Hill City Oval

Storm Water Harvesting & Storage System

City of Whitehorse

The Box Hill City Oval, Storm Water Harvesting & Storage System is a national award winning project for stormwater excellence. Fisher & Fisher provided the detailed design and construction documentation for the system, which utilised a stormwater harvesting and storage system to reduce dependency on potable water for watering of the oval, water supply to the public toilets and water tanker supply through the use of a non-drinking water hydrant.  Our skilled team developed a world class design that included a synthetic underground aquifer, gross pollutant trap and bio-retention system, along with storm flow balancing storage to attenuate the inflow sufficiently to reduce pump size and energy demand. The design required a significant degree of hydraulic modelling to optimise the size of both the storage and inlet and treatment systems and adopted the most modern water sensitive and urban design practises.  Fisher & Fisher also provided the ongoing management plan including the operations and maintenance manual for this system.  This included providing a Health and Environmental Management Plan for the system (HEMP).

Project Awards

2007 Stormwater Industry Association – Stormwater Harvest & Re-Use with City of Whitehorse & Entracon

  • National Winner Stormwater Excellence
  • Victorian Winner Stormwater Excellence