Waterway Rehabilitation & Erosion Control

The health and wellbeing of our waterways are becoming ever more significant as the need to protect our most precious asset, the environment, continues to increase. Fisher & Fisher has an outstanding record in water rehabilitation and erosion control works. The various services we provide enable the complete project package, which improves the condition of each waterway we design for.

Fisher & Fisher are competent in waterway rehabilitation and erosion control design, from the concept to construction stages of a project, as well as the implementation of ongoing maintenance strategies. We follow closely the most up to date methods and ensure that all designs comply with current guidelines, making use of modelling tools such as HEC-RAS. As well as performing hydraulic calculations, such as stream power assessments, our designs take into consideration the biodiversity of the river system to include rock pools, riffles and opportunities for fish passage (weirs), channel diversion, culverts and places a strong emphasis on re-vegetation to ensure the ecologic longevity of each system.